Shootout at Saroornagar: Gunfire victim is a murder accused

Shootout at Saroornagar: Gunfire victim is a murder accused - Sakshi Post

Gunshots shook busy Saroornagar area on Wednesday when unidentified gunmen fired three rounds at astrologer-cum-realtor Nagaraju (55).

It later turned out that Nagaraju is the prime accused in the sensational murder of Bhutam Durgarao, a Vijayawada based hotelier. Nagaraju, a native of Pinakadimi in West Godavari district, and nine others planned and killed Durga Rao in April 6, 2014. Later, he and his team had surrendered and later escaped from police custody.

Durga Rao’s kin Bhutam Govind and Bhutam Srinivas employed hired killers to eliminate four of the accused in their brother’s murder. Ever since, Nagaraju, the prime accused, has gone into a hiding. It is feared that Durga Rao’s kin may have planned the attack on Nagaraju.

Nagaraju suffered grievous injuries in his stomach and thigh and was rushed to a hospital.

The gunmen went into the residence of Nagaraju and fired at him. Taking advantage of the commotion, the gunmen managed to make good their escape from the scene of offence. The police are investigating into the causes for the attack. A massive manhunt has been launched to nab the culprits.


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