Shiv Sena should quit govt and then criticise BJP: Congress

Shiv Sena should quit govt and then criticise BJP: Congress - Sakshi Post

Mumbai: Taking a swipe at Shiv Sena for its constant criticism of the BJP-led Maharashtra government while simultaneously being a part of it, Congress on Monday said the party, helpless for (its need of) power, should stop invoking King Shivaji's name as it had lost its self-respect.

“Sena is bent on reaping the fruits of power while at the same time is indulging in constant drama of behaving like an opposition party and attacking the government. If it is not happy with the BJP government's functioning and has any self- respect left, it should immediately quit the government”, Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant said here.

“If it remains helpless for power, how can it play the politics in the name of Shivaji Maharaj? People are more unhappy with Sena for being in power for selfish motives”, he said. “The Uddhav Thackeray-led party can criticise BJP as much as it wants, but only after regaining its diminishing self- respect”, Sawant said.

Referring to media reports that discussion is on between BJP and Sena over the state cabinet's expansion, Sawant said it is surprising that they were discussing this rather than the drought. “Maharashtra is reeling under extensive drought and both parties are surprisingly discussing cabinet expansion, which is not a matter of discussion at all at this moment. Both parties should at least get their priorities right”, he said.


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