Shriya Bhupal Parties With Young Hero

Shriya with Allu Sireesh and Sarat Reddy - Sakshi Post

Shriya Bhupal is in the news again. Pics of Shriya, whose high profile engagement with Akhil Akkineni was broken barely months later, partying with Allu Sireesh and another youth have gone viral on the social media.

Allu Sireesh posted the pics saying that he is with his best friend Sarat Reddy and 'baby sister' Sriya. Allus and GVK family, to which Shriya belongs, are family friends. It may be recalled that Upasana played an active role at the Shriya-Akhil engagement.

After her breakup with Akhil, Shriya spend few months abroad. It is being rumoured that she is going to wed an NRI.

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