She Teams: Protecting women from harassment

Hyderabad: Additional Commissioner of Police, Crimes  and SIT of Hyderabad City, Swathi Lakra said that  the She-Team was a big success in giving protection to women in the city of Hyderabad.

Formed on October 24 last year, the SHE team is meant to provide protection to women facing gender harassment and eve-teasing.

ACP detailed the progress of the She-Team and said the She-Team has succeeded in protecting women from incidents of teasing, stalking, passing lewd comments, sexual assaults, harassment by sending abusive messages through Facebook, emails, Twitter, mobile phones, using previous friendship or closeness to take advantage, harassing through videos, photos including public nuisance using bikes, four wheelers etc to attract the attention of the ladies near colleges, schools etc.

Swathi Lakra  said encouraged by the success in Hyderabad, She teams would now be extended to the whole of Telangana state. She said that the women are now more able to complain without fear. The complaints were majorly coming from Dialing-100, also from Facebook page, emails, Hawk eye, WhatsApp.

She said the response from the women was encouraging and the campaigns were yielding results. She said several youths indulging in acts of gender harassment were counseled by the She Teams.

She said the She-Team service was a wonderful fast-track action-based service for women to get the protection from indecent acts and immoral advances. She called upon the women to make use of the facility.  

yeart, the actions that they taking in terms of campaining about the service, giving counselling to the assailants and actions to curb the anti-women activities in the city etc in details.

She told that She-Team service a wonderful fast-track action based service for women to get the protection from anti-women actions, adding, everyone should use this service without any hesitation for their safety. 

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