Shankar-Vikram film title in Telugu 'Manoharudu'

Shankar-Vikram film title in Telugu 'Manoharudu' - Sakshi Post

Informed grapevine sources say that Shankar's 'I' may be released in Telugu as 'Manoharudu.

The title suggests Beauty, King, Guru, Wonderment, Softness and Gentleness in Tamil. It may also mean musical notes, nuances, arrow, and fear. The title ends with a 'Du' like the title 'Aparichitudu' ends with a 'du'Starring Vikram and Amy Jackson, this film is being made at a huge cost, by A Ravichandran of Aascar films. What makes this film all the more interesting is the fact that, apart from top Indian technicians like the great AR Rehman and the matchless PC Sreeram, Shankar is roping in some Hollywood names to make the film a technical feast.Two outstanding writing talents, D. Suresh and A.N. Balakrishnan, better known in Tamil Nadu with their pen name, Suba, are teaming up to write for their first Shankar film. This is being termed a good marriage of creative minds, since Shankar is known to get the most out of any imaginative writer. And here, we have not one but two such minds!Mary Vogt, who is better known for his outstanding work in the Men in Black series films, will assist VFX supervisor Srinivas M Mohan.


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