Man 'transmits' HIV to 300 women through unprotected sex

Man 'transmits' HIV to 300 women through unprotected sex - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Cyberabad police on Tuesday said it has arrested an HIV positive man in connection with a theft case in Malkajgiri near.

Police have also recovered from his possession five tolas (approximately 50 grammes) of gold, said M Ravichandan Reddy, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Malkajgiri). The medical examination has confirmed that he (the accused) is an HIV Positive, Reddy said.
"He also confessed that he has been suffering from HIV disease, which he came to know about several months ago. The auto driver also claimed he visits prostitutes daily and has illicit affairs with several other women, with whom he practiced unsafe sex even after realizing about his disease," Uppal inspector (Detective) Khaja Moinuddin said.

Meanwhile, at the police press conference, where the accused was produced, he claimed that he had had unsafe sexual relations with 300 women. However, the police officers declined to comment on this aspect saying they have not verified this claim.

We have not received any complaint from any woman on the issue of sexual relationship, the police official told PTI. The accused has been remanded to judicial custody.


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