High Profile Sex Racket Busted in Chhattisgarh 

Sex broker and three sex workers arrested by police. - Sakshi Post

A high-profile sex racket involving four women was busted at Mohan Nagar in Durg on Thursday. Police arrested a female operator of the sex racket along with three girls and a youth and seized Rs2,500, liquor and condoms from their place.

Police received a tip off about the sex racket being operated by a woman, Ragini Thakur, from her house behind Mohan Nagar post office. Girls from various states from across the country were also involved in the flesh trade at the place. As the activity was underway in a residential area, nobody suspected a thing. It became difficult for the police to arrest the sex workers.

Once it was confirmed that sex trade was indeed going on, police played a sting operation. An official called up the broker and fixed a deal to get a girl for Rs 25,000. When the broker escorted the official to the spa where the sex trade was going on, a police team arrived and arrested all the three girls and its operator along with the broker.

Police also recovered sex enhancing drugs from the place.

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