Set your house in order, YSRCP tells TDP

Set your house in order, YSRCP tells TDP - Sakshi Post

The  false propaganda unleashed by TDP that there are defections from YSR Congress is only a weak bid to cover up its failures and the internal bickering that has come in the open for the ruling Party.

Speaking to reporters in Hyderabad on Sunday, party spokesperson K Parthasarathi said: “TDP telling that MLA Adinarayana Reddy is on the verge of leaving YSRCP has no basis. The MLA has never said that and it is only the imagination of the ruling party only to divert the people’s attention from the trouble TDP is facing from within at various quarters.

Why should anyone join TDP Government as it is put on the mat with a slew of failures while YSR Congress has been with the people and fighting for the genuine demands voicing the concern of the people.

“We have seen the Vijayawada MP openly telling at a public forum that the Government has done nothing. After talking with the Party President, he must have retraced his statement is a different issue, but the resent has shown up openly.

Similar is the case in Nellore and Visakhapatnam and the local leaders are at loggerheads. Added to this is the anti-incumbency factor as the Government failed to perform.

Senior minister KE Krishna Murthy openly telling that the concern of the Revenue Minister was not taken in the land acquisition for the capital formation shows the authoritarian style of functioning of TDP leadership.

There is no representation to minorities in the state cabinet and the central cabinet has no member from the weaker sections. This shows that TDP is in favour of corporatization of politics.

With so many shortcomings to cover up, TDP is only spinning false stories of defections from the Opposition Party while there is disorder in its own house.

Under the leadership of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, we are taking up burning issues and are proud to be with the people while the ruling party leaders are scared to go to the people, he said adding that the details of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s two-day fast programme on TDP’s failure on loan waiver, will be announced soon.

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