Seniors Thrash Juniors For Not Arranging Liquor

This is the second incident of violent ragging in Warangal in recent times - Sakshi Post

Warangal: Five students of an engineering college thrashed two of their juniors in Warangal as the latter could not supply them with alcohol.

The incident occurred in SR Engineering college, located on the outskirts of the city. The seniors had been harassing juniors for liquor. On Thursday, they forcefully took a junior student to a bar and asked him to foot the liquor bill. The junior could not do that as he didn't have money and requested them to let him go. Later, the seniors made him to call another junior boy and asked him to bring money. The boy brought some amount which too was insufficient.

Upset seniors thrashed the juniors. The victims, who managed to escape from their clutches, lodged a complaint with police about the incident.

In another incident in the city a few days back, drunken brawl took place between students, where they used knives and other sharp weapons. A student was severely injured in the quarrel and is presently being treated at a hospital here.

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