Satyam Babu Acquitted In Ayesha Meera Murder Case, Awarded Rs1 Lakh Compensation 

Ayesha Meera was murdered brutally at her hostel; Satyam Babu, who is unable to move around due to some disease, was made the accused in the case.   - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: In a landmark judgment, the Hyderabad High Court on Friday not only acquitted the accused in the sensational Ayesha Meera murder case but also awarded him Rs1 lakh compensation for putting him in jail for eight years.

The court in its judgment reprimanded the police for putting the accused in jail for eight years without a cause or proper evidence to show his involvement in the Ayesha Meera rape and murder case. The court said it was inhuman on the part of the police and ordered action against the officials responsible for Satyam Babu's arrest and confinement.

It may be recalled that Ayesha Meera was raped and murdered in a hostel in Vijayawada and there were rumors that a politician's son was involved in the incident.

Ayesha Meera Murder Case

Ayesha Meera, a 19-year-old pharmacy student, was gang raped and murdered inside the girls’ hostel on December 26, 2007.

Ayesha Meera, a resident of Tenali town in Guntur district was a student of Nimra engineering and medical college in Vijayawada, 100km away from her home. She was staying at Sri Durga Ladies Hostel in Ibrahimpatnam village near her college.

Ayesha’s blood soaked body was found in the hostel toilet with legs and hands tied to water tap and an iron rod with her own dress in the morning on December 27, 2007.

Her head was under pool of blood and it was clear that her head was banged on the wall and made unconscious before she was brutally raped. Autopsy report stated that she was not only raped alive, but the heinous act continued even after killing her by hitting her head with an iron rod.

Police could not find any other evidence except a love letter written allegedly by the killer, some blood stains on the clothes of Ayesha, a left foot print in her room and handwritten word by marker ‘Chirutha’ (leopard) in Telugu written on the chest of the deceased.

Police first announced Anjaneyulu, wayward youth, as the accused in Ayesha's murderer after a merciless torture in Hyderabad. However, enquiries reveled that he was a scapegoat and police could not counter the evidences produced by the accused's family, and he was let off.

Then another two innocent guys were framed but were let go with the NHRC intervention, so by now cops were exposed and were feeling ashamed and were branded corrupt and losers, which led to increased frustation, so this time they planned a little more carefully and framed Laddu singh a low profile rowdy sheeter who was involved in some eve teasing cases. He was also let off later with lot of opposition coming from various quarters.

Then police nabbed Satyam Babu, who is poor, fatherless, and belongs to a down trodden community. He was suffering from a deadly nervous disease. After ensuring that he cannot prove himself innocent as he got nobody to back him or prove his innocence, he was framed in the case.

Satyam Babu cannot walk on his own, he cannot even stand on his own, he needs two people to attend to him all the time. The prosecution argued that this physically handicapped person climbed two stairs and crossed the iron security mesh and killed the girl in such a merciless manner.

Circumstantial Evidence

Ayesha was raped and killed inside the ladies hostel, which was locked securely from inside by the warden and guarded by a security person. She was not alone in the room there were two other roommates with her on that fateful day, but nobody heard any noise. Nobody knew what happened, nor did they see anything while their roommate was raped and brutally killed by hitting her head against the wall in the corridor.

There were no traces of anything, the killers, foot prints, finger prints, sweat traces, hair, excess blood in the corridor everything was wiped off clearly, even before the cops reached there.

Didn't Ayesha scream while being raped or shouted for help while her head banged till death?

The sniffer dogs failed to trace the culprit. Who wrote the love letter found in the victim's room?

After allegations from various quarters, a polygraph test was conducted on K. Satish, grandson of the then municipal administration minister Koneru Ranga Rao. The test reports revealed that Satish lied to police on two occasions, when he was asked if he knew the hostel owner, and when asked if he is hiding any facts.

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