Sarcastic JC takes a dig at Sonia on Telangana

Sarcastic JC takes a dig at Sonia on Telangana - Sakshi Post

Former minister and prominent leader of Congress party from Rayalaseema JC Diwakar Reddy, who has been letting the rumour mills work overtime on his possible shift of loyalties to TDP, was so sarcastic in defying the ‘unjust’ decision of his party president Sonia Gandhi on the State bifurcation.

While speaking to the press persons on his arrival to Hyderabad on Saturday, JC categorically said there is nothing to expect anything logical and just in the ongoing process of carving out Telangana.
“Everything related to this State division is left to Sonia Gandhi. Every move is made on her behest and there is nothing to expect any kind of legalities and fairness. No constitutional body including GoM, or non-constitutional force has any say on it,” he told reporters in a voice of despair.
“Amma is everything and her decision on whatever issue is sacrosanct and irrevocable too,” he said.
He found no point in staying in Hyderabad, though it is made common capital. According to him, Seemandhras would be at receiving end in common capital. He referred to the assertions of his party’s veteran leader from Telangana and MLC KR Amos, who said the Seemandhras should be the tenants and should pay rentals and taxes for using offices in the common capital, Hyderabad.
“Why to stay back here for 10 years while paying taxes to Telangana government? Seemandhras should shift to the new capital after getting it ready by three months,” he said.
Replying to a question, he said that he would meet the Congress president over the demand of Rayala Telangana, if she gives appointment.Sarcastic JC takes a dig at Sonia on Telangana.


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