Sankranthi Kanuka and spendthrift AP Government

Sankranthi Kanuka and spendthrift AP Government - Sakshi Post

Many doubts are being expressed over the implemention of the TDP government's “Chandranna Sankranthi kanuka” scheme. The people are also worried over the lavishly spending in the name of the scheme.

Recently, AP CM Chandrababu announced a Sankranti Gift Pack for 1.3 crore families in the State wherein they would get free food grains and other items.
As per the scheme, each family would get half kg dal (lentils), half kg palm oil, 1 kg chana (chickpea), half kg jaggery (gud), 1 kg wheat and 100 gm of ghee.
But many doubts are raised over the lavish spending on the scheme and burden on the state exchequer. The Government has already began the process of collecting the goods required for the gift pack and ordered for gunny bags.
As per reliable source in the TDP, the Government is spending Rs 11.50 on each gunny bag. Approximately, it is expected to spend a staggering amount of 15 crores only on the gunny bags.
It is also learnt that the Government has to bear an extra burden of Rs 20 crores for buying the tuar dal at a price much more than the market price.
Now it remains to be seen whether the goods promised by the government will actually reach the poor on time.

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