Samaikyandhra activists or mere actors?

Samaikyandhra activists or mere actors? - Sakshi Post

A little over 72 hours after the Centre decided to carve out Telangana state, there are reports that the top leaders were kept in dark about the Congress High Command's landmark decision in AP politics. But the truth is something very bitter. We tell you that is certainly not the case and every key leader in the state was kept in the loop on what was in store for them. Wonder how? Read on...

Congress leaders were aware of the division of the state earlier itself but kept mum on the issue. They pretended as if they were clueless about Centre's decision. Some ministers have also sent out feelers that the Congress High Command took a call without even informing them. Chandrababu Naidu too is no exception to  this.

Being a leader of the main opposition, he is the second person after the CM to be told if any key decision concerning the state is taken.                                   .

It is a known fact that citizens of Andhra Pradesh were waiting with bated breath for the Congres to break the suspense over Telangana. They learnt its decision only after watching it on TV channels. Do you think Congress leaders too knew about the bifurcation only after Digvijaya Singh announced?
Political analysts feel, the Congress High Command decided on the division of state few months back itself.
They say that the top leaders cannot be kept in dark about key decisions, especially if it concerns something serious such as bifurcating a state.

How do we justify this?

  • Most of the Seemandhra ministers and MPs said that they will abide by the Centre's decision on the Telangana issue. The High Command first leaked its decision to see the initial reaction of Congress leaders.
  • Even while all this was happening parallelly, several union ministers volunteered to say that they were willing to abide by the Centre's decision.
  • Take the case of Kavuri who returned to Hyderabad from Delhi first time after being inducted into the union Cabinet. The senior Congress leaders surprised many with his sensational statement. Kavuri, who till then claimed to be a staunch supporter of united AP soon changed his stand. His sudden talk on the topic is proof enough that he knew of the Congress' decision on the contentious issue. "Life is full of compromises—one is bound to make a compromise at one stage or the other," said the senior Congress leader. He was making a veiled reference to the division of the state. He knew that the state was going to be divided. However, once he earned the union berth, he was quick to declare his loyalty to his party.
  • From the time Digvijaya Singh was appointed as new party affairs in-charge for AP and he spoke in favor of Telangana, many leaders made pro and anti-Telangana statements. But TDP leaders remained mute spectators on the issue. Sources say that party chief Chandrababu Naidu strictly advised his partymen against making any statements on the burning issue. This is because he very well knew in advance what decision the Congress would take and that any controversial statements would invite unwanted attention and put them in soup.
  • How do you explain CM Kiran, Deputy CM Damodar and PCC chief Botsa's frequent visits to the nation's capital? It was certainly not a pleasure trip. They went only after being summoned by the High Command. Is it possible that the three didn't see it coming?
  • The final decision was announced four days back. However, the resignations of Seemandhra leaders from across parties came only yesterday.
  • KCR would often be seen criticizing the Congress. However, the TRS chief had distanced himself from the media for the past one month. He was neither criticizing congress nor was he mounting any pressure for a separate state. This is indicator enough that KCR was very much aware of what was coming and thus chose to confine himself to the tranquility of his farmhouse.
  • Seemandhra MP Anantha Venkatrami Reddy openly said that Congress leaders knew about the division of  state earlier itself.
  • If Lagadapati didn't know what was happening, why did he make a statement on retiring from politics if the state was divided? It's another thing that he won't stick to his word because there's no news from him on his previous statement.
  • Deputy CM Damodar Raja Narasimha, who always remained behind the curtains was in full action for the last one month. There was a new energy in him and he looked confident too as he was the first person from Telangana to learn of the good news.
  • “I will not be a party to any destructive decision,” Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy had reportedly told AICC general secretary Digvijaya Singh in one the high-level meetings in Delhi before the crucial announcement. This was on July 27, four days before Congress made its decision public. It means CM knew of the decision that day itself.However, he, who calls himself a Samaikyandhra supporter did not act to stall the process.

When the top leaders chose not to interfere when Congress was preparing itself to announce a crucial decision, why are they threatening to resign now? Isn't this just an eyewash to gain the sympathy of people?

Who are the real, sincere, true leaders who wish good for the state? The days ahead will give answer that.

- Siva@sakshipost

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