‘Samagra Criminals Survey’ by Hyderabad Cops

‘Samagra Criminals Survey’ by Hyderabad Cops - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad police with a questionnaire will soon be visiting the residences of criminals living in various parts of the city.The agenda behind the task is to get the details of offenders' activities and to have a comprehensive data on them.

To curb the menace of crimes city police will conduct ‘Samagra Criminals survey’ on two days a week starting this week. Police from different wings will visit the residences of persons accused of committing various offences. The ‘Samagra Criminals Survey’ will help the police to identify and monitor the criminals who are doing repetitive crimes.

More than 10,000 criminals are reported to have involved in various criminal activities. A police official confided that criminals at the time of arrest furnish one particular address of residence, and once they get bail they change the locale and operate from a different area which comes under another police station. This helps them to continue crimes evading the sleuths.

A senior police official said "once the date of criminals is made and made in a comprehensive way then it will be provided to all policemen, from the police commissioner down to a Home Guard, for swift verification if any offence takes place.”

Senior police officials, who would be visiting the offender’s residence, have prepared a questionnaire comprising 15 to 20 queries that would be shot to habitual offenders and their family members. Apart from this, police would also analyse their mental and physical behaviour of the offenders, and would give counseling to them.

Police expect the outcome of the survey to be constructive for nabbing the criminals easily with the comprehensive data collected on them.

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