Sakshi TV exposes doctors' apathy at Osmania

Sakshi TV exposes doctors' apathy at Osmania

The doctors at the Osmania hospital seem to have forgotten the Hippocratic oath completely. A Sakshi TV scoop demonstrated the apathy of the doctors towards suffering patients on the most trivial grounds.

In an incident that seemed totally bizarre and even surreal, doctors here refused to perform surgeries and extend other medical services to patients because the lifts in the hospital were not working. Hapless patients were at the receiving end with no adequate medical attention available, as footage from the channel story revealed.
It appears that the doctors have forgotten their primary duty. This shocking indifference on the part of the doctors has outraged attendants of the patients. The Sakshi TV report, which shocked viewers, covered the plight of the patients who were left to fend for themselves in the face of the doctors' indifference.



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