Sakshi exposes illegal dead body biz in Osmania mortuary

Sakshi exposes illegal dead body biz in Osmania mortuary

Do you think the unidentified bodies at hospitals will be cremated? If your answer is yes, then think you are mistaken.

While the demand for fresh bodies by medical students is increasing by the day, the number of unidentified dead bodies too has multiplied manifold. The famous mortuary at the Osamnia Hospital is being accused of dealing with illegal business. Their misdeeds came to light when Sakshi TV conducted a reality check.

The exclusive report by Sakshi channel revealed that one of their reporters collected some photographs of dead bodies who died five days ago. He was witness to the scene when the same bodies were being sent to the Osamania mortuary for autopsy. When he checked the condition of the bodies after the autopsy and before the bodies could be handed over to Satya Harischandra Foundation which works to keep track of unclaimed and unknown bodies, he was appalled to discover that the bodies had completely broken down. Even the bodies did not match any of those in the photographs.
But according to the doctors, it takes at least four months for a fresh body to breakdown . Going by the current rate, a fresh body can fetch anywhere between 20,000 to 30,0000 rupees.
The reality check revealed that the fresh bodies were being used for illegal business and decomposed bodies were being replaced with those fresh bodies and handed over to the foundation.
Likewise, there were bunch of bodies that were stored in the mortuary. Since there is no check on how many dead bodies are sent to autopsy and handed over to foundation, the illegal business of dead bodies is thriving. The bodies are allegedly being sold to private colleges in different districts.
There have been times a body has gone missing from the mortuary only a few hours after it being brought to the hospital.
As per the records in Osamnia Mortuary book, scores of dead bodies are being brought to the hospital every day. Most of the time it turns out that some of them are unknown and unclaimed. So,the hospital decides to cash in on the fact that they are not accountable for what happens to the dead body.
These dead bodies that are meant to be preserved are being conveniently sold off to make some quick bucks! Perhaps they have lost count on the number of bodies that have simply vanished from the mortuary. Same holds true for money too.They simply don't have a record for the amount earned. The hospital mints money in mortuary, while the dead can't even wake up in their grave for they never reach that far!

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