Sadavarthi Scam Is Only A Tip Of Iceberg

Sadavarthi lands (MLA RK in the inset) - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Terming the Sadavarthi temple land scam as the tip of the iceberg, the YSR Congress Party has demanded a comprehensive inquiry into all the land dealings that took place during past three-and-a-half years.

Speaking to reporters here on Tuesday Party MP YV Subba Reddy said the ruling party had tried to give away Sadavarthi endowment lands on a platter to its coterie and with the intervention of our Party MLA, the land was re-auctioned. The value of the land had increased three times swelling the revenue of the state.

The yawning gap in the initial and the final value shows the level of corruption and the magnitude of nepotism in Andhra Pradesh, he said. The land was again taken by benamis of the ruling party's top brass. Though the auction was held as per the court directive, the auction was not conducted in the way it should have been conducted.

In the first place, the auction notice was not published in the national news media as the lands were located in a metropolitan city and the baseline price should have been higher, he said.

He demanded a comprehensive probe into all the land dealings during the TDP tenure.

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