Sack VK Singh by evening, demands Kejriwal

Sack VK Singh by evening, demands Kejriwal - Sakshi Post

New Delhi:  Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal demanded the Central Government to sack Union Minister VK Singh over his controversial comments on the Haryana Dalit killing incident.

"VK Singh's statement is shameful and prosecutable under SC/St act. A case should be registered against him immediately" tweeted Kejriwal.

Referring to the incident in which a Dalit family's house was set on fire, that killed two kids  and has their mother battling for life in a critical condition, V.K Singh commented that "For everything .. like if somebody throws a stone at a dog, then the government is blamed, that is not how it should be".
 Many opposition leaders condemned his comments and demanded that he should be sacked from the cabinet.
In an interview to media Kejriwal said "If Prime Minister Modiji wants to celebrate Dusserah in true fashion, he must eliminate ego and sack VK Singh from the cabinet before evening ".

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