Ruling Party Colludes with Liquor Syndicate in AP

Ruling Party Colludes with Liquor Syndicate in AP - Sakshi Post

The collusion between the liquor syndicate and officials of the excise department in the state is very apparent. The retail prices are hiked on the very day the excise department makes an announcement about price hike. In this scenario, the statements by officials that there will be no violation of MRP price embarasses the word irony. How can the liquor traders mint so much money without the active support of the excise officials and the politicians?

In Guntur and Krishna districts, members of the ruling Telugu Desam party divide the region into divisions. They, then collect money from liquor traders from their respective division. In some instances, the politicians are direct members of these syndicates but run the show from behind the scenes. The not-so-creative officials, however, depend on monthly collections from these syndicates.
Guntur district has a total of 342 wine shops and 152 bars, through which 2.30 lakh cases of liquor worth Rs 120 crore are sold monthly. In Krishna district there are 301 wine shops and 167 bars that sell 2.10 lakh cases worth anywhere between Rs 105 to 110 crore monthly.
Additionally, the 35 and 33 government wine shops of Guntur and Krishna respectively sell more than Rs 20 crore worth of liquor monthly.

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