Ruckus over Telangana MP attending Kadapa ZP meet

Ruckus over Telangana MP attending Kadapa ZP meet - Sakshi Post

There were acrimonious scenes at the Kadapa Zilla Parishad meeting on Saturday as TDP Rajya Sabha MP CM Ramesh threatened the YSRCP leaders.

The ZP meeting was off to a raucous start with CM Ramesh, who was allotted to Telangana state, attending the meeting.
YSRCP MLA Rachamallu Prasad Reddy questioned the officials that how can the MP, who is representing Telangana, be allowed for the meeting?
He wanted a ruling that CM Ramesh was ineligible to attend Kadapa ZP meeting and wanted it to be entered into the minutes of the meeting. However, the district collector denied the YSRCP MLA's request and backed CM Ramesh. The collector further said ZP chairman has no such power for ruling. This has irked the YSRCP leaders and they staged a sit-in in front of the chairperson's podium. While the YSRCP members were staging a dharna, CM Ramesh threatened the YSRCP ZPTC members. " We are the ruling the state.....We can do anything we want," he said.
The situation became tense for more than an hour.

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