Will RTC employees to go on indefinite strike from May 6?

Will RTC employees to go on indefinite strike from May 6? - Sakshi Post

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State RTC employees will launch indefinte strike from May 6 if talks in Bus Bhavan fail.

RTC unions are now participating in a discussion with both Telugu governments and said that they will go on strike if their demands are not met. Discussions are on for almost a year about wage revision. RTC wage revision has been pending from April 1, 2014. Failed rounds of discussions led to a lighting strike in the month of March. KCR government announced a special bonus temporarily warding off a strike.Now, the RTC workers are demanding an immediate wage revision at par with state government employees.

The employee unions are demanding a fitment of 43% at par with the government employees. Unions gave a strike notice on April 2. Unions said that if their demands are not met as many as 28000 buses will be off roads. As many as 1.20 Lakh employees are eligible for wage revision and will participate in strike if talks fail. RTC employees requested NGO's and social organizations to build up pressure on government to accept their demands. They also recalled their fight during Samaikyandra agitation and requested support from all.
If both the parties doesn't have a closure then, the common man will be affected. People relying of public transport will be in trouble if all buses go off roads.

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