Route map of Sharmila's Padayatra in Kadapa Dist

Route map of Sharmila's Padayatra in Kadapa Dist - Sakshi Post

The YSR  Congress party on Saturday announced the itinerary and detailed schedule of party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s sister Sharmila's  'Maro Praja Prasthanam'.

The walkathon would kick off from the YSR memorial at Idupulapaya in Kadapa district and end at Itchapuram, the place where the late Y S Rajasekhara Reddy ended his Praja Prasthanam.
After paying her respects at her father's memorial in Idupulapaya, Sharmila will begin the padayatra from Vempalli in YSR district on October 18. She will walk for about 5 days in YSR district before entering Anantapur.

Late YS Rajasekhar Reddy's daughter Sharmila's Padayatra schedule timings from Oct 18th of this month

FROM                              To                             Km

Idupulapaya          -         Veeranna Gutta Palli              4.5
Veeranna Gutta Palli -         Kummaram Palli                    1.5

Kummaram Palli       -         Vempalli to Four roads circle     5.0
Vempalli to four roads circle- Rajiv Nagar Colony         2.0

Rest for first day

Second day:-
Rajiv Nagar Colony   -         Nandi Palli             3.5

Nandi palli          -            Thalla Palli             1.8

Thalla Palli         -            Duggannagari Palli         1.2

Duggannagari Palli   -           Ammaiahgari Palli         1.5

Ammaiahgari Palli    -           Chagaleru Cross             1.2

Chagaleru Cross      -         V.Kottha Palli             0.6

V.Kottha Palli         -           Gondi Palli Cross         3.0

Gondi Palli Cross    -           Vemula                 1.5

Vemula             -           Bhumaiahgari Palli Cross         4.7

Rest for second day

Third Day:-

Bhumaiahgari Palli Cross -     Velpula                 1.0

Velpula              -         Besthavari Palli             2.8

Besthavari Palli     -         Pulivendula RTC bus stand         5.0

Pulivendula RTC bus stand  -   Parna Palli road YSR home     2.5

Rest for third day

Fourth Day:-

Pulivendula ring road  -       Chinna Rangapuram         2.6

Chinna Rangapuram      -       Ippatla                 3.8

Ippatla                -       Chinna Kudala cross         2.2
Chinna Kudala cross    -       Pedda Kudala cross          1.0

Pedda Kudala cross     -       Lingala                  4.6

Lingala                -       Lopatnuthala cross                2.0

Rest for fourth day

Fifth Day:-

Lopatnuthala cross     -        Karna papaya Palli         4.4

Karna papaya Palli     -    Velidandla             3.6

Velidandla           -     Nerjam Palli             4.8

Nerjam Palli           -     Parna Palli             4.0

Rest for fifth day...........



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