Roja tells Bojjala who is an 'iron leg'

Roja tells Bojjala who is an 'iron leg' - Sakshi Post

Nagari MLA and actor Roja made an impassioned speech and pulled fast ones on the TDP MLAs during a discussion on women's rights.

At one point of time, IT Minister Palle Raghunatha Reddy interrupted and tried to retort saying that while she was the head of women wing of the TDP, she had criticized YSR.
In a fitting reply to the TDP minister, the Nagari MLA said that when their boss Chandrababu was in Congress, he slammed TDP government by saying TDP is a 'gali party' (A party without sustenance) Later, he jumped into the party as if he went for 'Illarikam' (a son in law who live in father-in-law's house)
There were peels of laughter in the AP legislative assembly when Roja made these comments. The actor-turned-politician further said "it is not about which party I am in, I will fight for the right for the women," she added.
Praising YSR's rule, she said that YSR empowered women and stood by them through PavalaVaddi scheme'. It was YSR who has implemented schemes like Pension for widows and ‘Abhaya Hastam’ for the welfare of women in the state and for the upliftment of the  community.
Meanwhile, Forest Minister Bojjala Gopalakrishna Reddy, lambasted Roja and said she was an 'iron leg' (someone who is inauspicious and one who is always on the losing side).
Angered by this, Roja replied that "He called me an iron leg. One smal clarification. In 1999, I canvassed in your (Bojjala) constituency too. I campaigned for about 26 days. When Chandrababu met with an accident, you were in the same car. So you are the real 'iron leg.' A day before YSR's demise, you also went and met YSR in his camp office," Roja said advising the TDP minister to consult a doctor to check his mental balance as he may lost it in the accident.


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