Roja Slams ‘Yellow Media’ For Peddling Fake Stories Of Her Arrest In Kuwait

Roja at the YSRCP supporters gathering in Kuwait - Sakshi Post

The Yellow Media is at it again! Unnerved by the stupendous response to the YSRCP supporters meeting in far-off Kuwait, a misinformation campaign was unleashed by vested interests and fully backed by pro-Telugu Desam media that there was a scuffle between YSRCP groups and that the chief guest of the function, actor-politician RK Roja was arrested. The social media was also abuzz with the fake reports that Roja has been arrested.

Finally, to dispel all these fake stories, Roja herself released a video to the media from Kuwait and said that the news was not just patently false, but was also politically motivated. Condemning the fake stories, she said while the party leaders expected some 400 people for the meet, the turnout was a staggering 2000. Seeing such huge gathering, the Kuwait police came to the venue to make enquiries. But, this was enough for the anti-YSRCP cabal to spread rumours that there was a brawl and that Roja was arrested.

She said the response to her tour has been amazing and that she is safe in Kuwait. She asked the pro-TDP media to make proper enquiries before publishing such news.

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