Roja Gets Relief at Supreme Court in Suspension Case

Roja Gets Relief at Supreme Court in Suspension Case - Sakshi Post

New Delhi: YSRCP MLA R.K. Roja on Friday got a relief in her suspension case with the Supreme Court giving derection to the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly Speaker to consider her explanation letter and allow her into the premises of the House.

After hearing Roja's appeal for two days consecutively, the Supreme Court asked the Speaker to take her explaination letter into consideration and resolve the matter amicably within eight weeks. Roja submitted a letter to the court explaining that she never behaved or spoke any words to hurt or insult the chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, MLAs Anitha and Srinivas. The court asked her to submit the same letter to the Speaker.

The apex court also directed the Speaker not to obstruct Roja from attending YSR Congress Legilslature Party meetings and entering into the Assembly premises. The issue should be resolved in a regular session or a special session of the Assembly within eight week failing which the court will take up the case for a regular hearing, the Supreme Court order said.

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