Rohith's brother 'attains' freedom with Buddhism

Rohith's brother 'attains' freedom with Buddhism - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: On Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary, Rohith Vemulas’s brother Raja Vemula along with his mother Radhika converted to Buddhism.

In the presence of Ambedkar's grandson Prakash, Raja and his mother embraced Buddhism on Thursday

Raja says he attained freedom from the Hindu casteism and now living a life based on compassion and humanity.

"From today, my mother and I will be truly free. Free from shame. Free from daily humiliation. Free from the guilt of praying to the same God in whose name our people have been tortured for centuries,” he said.

Raja reiterates that had Rohith been alive, he would have been proud of their decision.He recalled that Rohith deeply admired Ambedkar and Buddha and was highly impressed by their teachings.

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