Robbers strike at Canara Bank in Medak village

Robbers strike at Canara Bank in Medak village - Sakshi Post
  • Unspecified amount of gold, cash looted
  •  Robbers smash CC cameras before operation
  • Gain entry into bank by drilling a gaping hole in the wall

This is bank heist time in Bollywood. But, this one is not a reel one but is for real. Robbers dug a hole the wall of the Canara Bank branch and look away wads of cash and heaps of gold ornaments from the lockers. They also took away six computers with them.
The incident occurred in Masaipet of Medak district.  The miscreants went about their work in a methodical fashion. They first smashed the CC cameras and then entered the locker room. 
The bank officials came to know about the heist only on Tuesday morning when they opened the bank doors. 
The amount stolen would be known only after an assessment is made, said the police. Many local farmers took loans pledging their gold with the bank. They are now a worried lot. Sources said this could be an insider job as the robbers appeared to have known their way inside the bank and went exactly into the strong room.
The police are investigating.

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