Rising Opposition To Chinese Firecrackers Throws Dealers Into Doldrums This Diwali 

People are even reluctant to buy crackers with photos that resemble Chinese letters and nationals. - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Crackers from the dragon country are creating tremors in Hyderabad in a different way this Diwali with an opposition to Chinese firecrackers gaining momentum. Several social organization are demanding boycott firecrackers imported from China.

Consumers and social organization turned out to be suspicious over firecrackers from North-Eastern neighbors as well. This The present situation is turning out to be challenging for crackers dealers, who have to go out of their way to convince their customers that they are indeed selling ‘made in India’ items.

A leading dealer of fireworks in the city said traders were facing turbulent situation as their sales were affected because of Chinese firecrackers. He further said genuine traders and wholesale dealers don't sell Chinese crackers, but consumers are suspicious. People are even reluctant to buy crackers with photos that resemble Chinese letters and nationals. Few crackers like garlands are known as Chinese crackers, but these were made in India, but people are not coming forward to buy them. Dealers and wholesale traders have stopped stocking boxes of crackers with Chinese letters printed on them.

Another tricky situation is that many traders got licences having 'Chinese' word in their documents and licences have been issued for setting up stalls and shops has ‘Chinese crackers’ mentioned on it. This is nothing new, said a senior trader. He said it's been in the practice since the 1940s in Hyderabad. This problem not only confined to physical retail shops, but also online sites as well. The online stores too are doing their best to convey that they are also not selling Chinese products. Several online sites that sell firecrackers are taking measures to ensure that users see a pop-up even before they move on to buy crackers from their site. The pop-up has a message that they only sell crackers made in the country and not Chinese.

Consumers are inquiring about crackers whether they're imported from Chine before buying. This is a very rare situation we're facing for the first time in the last 50 years, said a leading trader from Malakpet. Generally, firecrackers business offers huge margins to retail traders as the profit margin is usually over 80 per cent, but Chinese firecrackers issue is eroding this advantage, said another trader.

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