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Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma, who directed Sridevi in films like Great Robbery, Govindhaa Govindhaa and Hairaan, says that the late actress has been a “very unhappy woman” and her life was a “classic case of how each person’s actual life is completely different from how the world perceives it”.

Sridevi, 54, died on Saturday in a Dubai hotel bathroom. The autopsy report called it an “accidental drowning” in the bathtub. In a personal note on her, Varma says that she was the most desirable woman and the biggest super star of the country but that’s just a part of the story.

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He wrote: “For many, Sridevi’s life was perfect. Beautiful face, great talent, seemingly stable family with two beautiful daughters. From outside everything looked so enviable and desirable... But was Sridevi a very happy person and did she lead a very happy life?”

Varma says that he was aware about her life from the time he first met her for his film Shana Kshanam.

“I saw with my own eyes how her life was like a bird in the sky till her father’s death and then became like a bird in a cage due to her overprotective mother. In those days, actors used to be only paid in mostly black money and due to fear of tax raids her father used to trust friends and relatives who all betrayed her the moment the father died,” he wrote.

“Coupled with this the ignorant mother made many wrong investments in litigated properties and all those mistakes combined made her penny-less by the time Boney Kapoor came into her life. Boney himself was in huge debt,” he said. Once the mother died, he added, her younger sister Shri Latha eloped and got married to their neighbours son.”

He said that before dying, the mother had put all properties in Sridevi’s name. “But her sister put a case on her demanding half the property claiming that her mother was insane and not in her senses when she signed the will due to the brain surgery...So in effect the woman desired by millions in the world was all alone in the world except for one Boney,” added Verma.

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Verma said that except for a short glimmer of English Vinglish (her comeback film), Sridevi had been pretty much very unhappy. “She went through so much in her life and due to her early career entry, life never gave her time to grow up at a normal pace,” he said.

“More than the external peace, her internal mental state was of a high degree of concern and this caused her to look at her own self. She was the most beautiful woman for so many people. But did she think she was beautiful?, the filmmaker asked rhetorically. (IANS)

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