Reliance Jio provides 117 CCTV cameras for AP religious event

Reliance Jio provides 117 CCTV cameras for AP religious event - Sakshi Post

Rajahmundry: Pushkaram happens once every 12 years and is based on the zodiac signs, This year the 'Pushkaram' is being held at 'Godavari' river, The event host numerous activities that include cultural and spiritual.

In order to strengthen the security for the people visiting the Pushkaram, Reliance Jio Infocomm has provided 117 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras to Andhra Pradesh Police to keep a vigil during the 12-day `Godavari Pushkaram' that commence in Rajahmundry from July 14.

Reliance Jio Infocomm, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, said a think security blanket has been thrown in the city with coordination of police with the installation of 117 CCTVs at railway station, bus stands, ghats, vulnerable points and important public places, an official release said on Saturday.

The cameras will provide up-to-date information on movement of each and every individual coming for the pushakaram, it said, adding images beamed by CCTVs will be monitored at a control room.

Godavari Pushkaram is a festival of River Godavari.  During the event, pilgrims from all over the country will take a holy dip in Godavari with the belief they would be relieved from all sins, and also perform rituals to departed souls.

Source: PTI

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