Real friends: Elephants refuse to leave electrocuted pal

Real friends: Elephants refuse to leave electrocuted pal - Sakshi Post

A wild elephant was electrocuted when it came in contact with a live wire in an agricultural field at Nallagutta forest of Ramapuram Thanda of Ramakuppam mandal in Kuppamon Friday morning. 

According to villagers, the 13-member herd was passing through an agricultural field when one of the elephants came in contact with a livewire. 

The other members of the herd refused to leave the dead elephant and they were seen moving desperately at the lifeless body of their pal.
They were trying desperately to revive their dead friend since morning and the forest area was reverberated with the wails of elephants.
While few of the elephants were seen forlornly tugging at the elephants body, others mournfully cried.
The villagers said that power supply was cut immediately after the wire, which was intended for wild boars, was snapped by the elephant. Forest officials from Kuppam and Chittoor were informed and they reached the spot. But the officials initially refused to go to the spot with the 12-member herd surrounded the fields.


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