Rashmi Gautham’s Goa controversy

A still from movie ‘Antham’ - Sakshi Post

Ever since the movie Antham’s trailer was released, the team has been involved in many controversies. Initially, the lead of the movie, Rashmi Gautham alleged that the scenes shown in the trailer were not a part of the film. Later, the team accused Rashmi of intruding into the creative aspects of film making.
Now, close sources of the film say that Rashmi had asked for re shoot of few scenes in Goa stating that her image has changed after signing for the film.

It is said that, the producers have refused to take Rashmi’s suggestion and that was how the differences cropped up in the first place. Following this, Rashmi has also been away from the movie’s promotions.

All said and done, let’s just wait and see if all the controversies help the movie in some publicity and make good money at the box office.

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