Ramzan in Hyderabad is always special

Ramzan in Hyderabad is always special - Sakshi Post

The holy Ramzan or Ramadan is a month of countless blessings. And everybody hopes to get his/her share in abundance. Although the rituals are the same in any part of the globe, the season has its own charm in the Nawabi city of Hyderabad.

Ramzan is synonymous with prayers, zakat (giving alms), Roza (fasting) and Iftar among other things.
In Hyderabad, the entire city gears up to observe the month. More action is seen in the streets of Charminar where night bazaars throughout the month is a big hit with thousands of shoppers flocking the market.
Prayers at Mecca Masjid is a scene to watch. Reach there around the time when the fasting Muslims are about to break their fast, the scene is a visual treat. Within minutes following the iftar siren, the place is suddenly buzzing with activities as people are seen arranging plates of rich food which may contain anything from dates and fruits to haleem and Kebabs. One visit to the city during the season and it's easy to figure out Hyderabad's most indulgent dishes. It's during Ramzan that you get a peek into the culinary past of the city.
Be it any part of the city, one common sight on either sides of the road are restaurant boards that proclaim to serve the best haleem in town made with pure ghee. Old city especially is a treat both visually and otherwise—A feast to all the five senses. The aromatic smell of the spicy Hyderabadi biryani even as the sweetness of Qubbani ka Meetha lingers in the air. As dusk falls, just take a walk down the lanes of the city and you will know what I am talking about. For a hungry jack or a foodies, this is the place to be. 

Here are some things to try during Ramzan in Hyderabad

  • Haleem: The city's charm is found in this this sinfully rich Ramzan delight. Haleem is a thick paste of wheat and lamb made in Hyderabad's signature style and available mostly during this season.
  • Biryani: Try Hyderabadi Biryani at Shadab, one of city's oldest restaurants, a distinct taste for sure. Pista House too is a safe bet.
  • Qubbani-ka-meetha: Dried apricots served with fresh cream. Perfect dessert after a plate of spicy biryani and a bowl of hot haleem.

Although the city doesn't deprive you of a sumptuous meal, nothing like landing a chance to eat at one of the iftar parties. And if it happens to be on Eid, even better for you can enjoy
sheer korma too.

Feeling heavy after the rich meal? Then why not take a stroll down the narrow lanes of Charminar for you can shop to your heart's content while your tummy readies itself for another yummy meal.


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