Ram Charan responds on Pawan's entry in politics

Ram Charan responds on Pawan's entry in politics - Sakshi Post

The lone son of Union Minister of State for Tourism Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan, has today responded on the political entry of his uncle Pawan Kalyan.

He reportedly clarified that he has no relation of any kind with the political activity of Pawan.

Ram Charan said that every one had their own ways and they need not coincide. 

He hinted that his support would be only for his father and not to Pawan Kalyan.

“I have little knowledge in politics. That’s why I can’t comment on the matter much”, said the lone son of mega star.

The statement of Ram Charan clearly explained the gap between Chiranjeevi and his younger brother Pawan Kalyan., who have parted ways after Chiranveevi merged his Praja Rajyam into Congress.

Ram Charan’s comments took significance amid reports that Pawan will start a new party or join in an existing one soon.

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