Rajini Invites Fans Associations Leaders For Meet On April 2

Latha Rajinikanth told media the other day that there will be an announcement of a big decision soon. - Sakshi Post

Chennai: Giving rise to a widespread speculation in Tamil political circles, Super Star Rajinikanth has decided to convene a meeting of his fans association leaders on April 2.

After repeated denials of his entry into active politics, Rajini seems to have made a decision finally; his wife Latha told media the other day that there would be an announcement of big plans soon. Despite pressure from his fans for decades, the actor kept mum on his political entry all these years.

Political analysts say the vacuum developed in state politics after the death of Jayalalithaa gives Rajinikanth a right opportunity to take a plunge into the public life. As there is enough time for preparation for the next Assembly elections, scheduled for 2019, Rajini can comfortably build a base as a chief minister candidate, analysts say.

Just like in his movies, Rajini is known for his "If I say once, it's equal to hundred times," and this meeting is looked at as a milestone in Tamil Nadu politics which is marred by splits and controversies in recent months. Though Panneerselvam tried hard to fill the political vacuum, he could not gather enough support and now he is pushed into oblivion.

With Sasikala being banned from contesting elections for six years, there won't be a leading figure in AIADMK in the elections and this could be a big advantage for Rajini.

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