Rain dampens holiday mood

Rain dampens holiday mood - Sakshi Post

Even while the Americans are still trying to come to terms with the devastating effects of superstorm Sandy, our very own Nilam, as the local cyclone is named, hit the state.

Although the reports till now point to minimum damages, the Met Department's prediction of rains lashing the state for next 48 hours has only created panic amongst people.

Sri Kalahasti has received the maximum rainfall and other parts of the state too are reeling under the effects of depression.

Looks like Nilam did not want to spare Hyderabad too. Early this morning, dark clouds gave way to cool showers in most parts of the city. Most of the companies aten't working today given the fact that it's a government holiday. However, the denizens of the city who had made plans to spend the day outing or shopping were only disappointed. Thanks to drizzles, people were forced to stay within the confines of their homes.

The weather certainly played spoilsport and dampened the spirts of people who were in a holiday mood.

Although huge hoardings of various brands are screaming offers and discount sales for Diwali, people who had reserved this day for shopping were a tad disappointed.
The sudden change in weather and spread of dengue and flu have only made people think twice before venturing out.

Most consumers feel it's okay to stay indoors on a holiday rather than get out and catch a flu. Sensible aren't they?

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