R.Krishnayya stays away from MLC polls??

R.Krishnayya stays away from MLC polls?? - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: BC leader and TDP's chief ministerial candidate for the 2014 assembly elections R Krishnaiah is playing truant and has not cast his vote till 12 noon for the MLC polls on Monday.

Krishnaiah, who represents LB Nagar assembly constituency, it appears, might go against the party whip.
R.Krishnayya was announced as TDP Telangana CM candidate soon after he joined the party. He managed to post a comfortable victory, but after the party did not elect him as the legislative party leader, he has almost been missing in action.
The leader has also not been a part of the TDP camps during the last two days. R.Krishnayya did not also spell out his his stand on the MLC polls.

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