Quality Filter Comes To Twitterati’s Rescue

Muzzle The Trolls On Twitter! - Sakshi Post

Silence the trolls forever on Twitter with this feature
called ‘quality filter’. This filter will assist us by filtering tweets from
our notification timeline which have abusive, threatening and offensive language
in them.

Quality filter was initially offered to all the authorized
accounts which had the blue tick mark on them to muzzle of notifications from suspicious
accounts, trying to contact the user and sending offensive tweets.

The filter uses wide range of technology to operate which
includes blocking suspicious accounts from contacting user, prevents low quality
content like duplication, automated and offensive tweets.

With a simple switch, the user can easily turn on the
filter and turn it off which will not impact any of the user’s followers
content and the recent interactions. The
feature is available on both App and Website

Twitter is currently trying to improve various features
to address the online abuse, user face.

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