Pushkaram Tragedy: In Pictures

Pushkaram Tragedy: In Pictures - Sakshi Post

Chaos, mayhem reigned supreme at the most prestigious Maha Pushkarams in Rajahmundry. What should have been an auspicious occasion of piety and spiritual uplift, turned tragic with bodies strewn all around.

  • The ambulances, the personnel, the medical centres and the systems were completely missing.
  • The toll free numbers were also not working.
  • The police, who were busy protecting the VIPs, were found missing in places where they were most wanted. 
  • Heavy traffic jams were witnessed all over Rajahmundry. The road leading from Kovvur to Rajahmundry saw 10-km-long traffic hold up. 

Here are some heart-rending images of the tragedy that could have easily been avoided if only the officials took little precautions.







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