Punjab Doctor Abuses Woman In Full Public View

Punjab doctor assaults a woman - Sakshi Post

Ferozpur: In a shocking incident, a doctor who was meant to save lives of the people was caught red-handed on the cameras when he mercilessly assaulted a woman in a government hospital here today. The incident which was caught on cameras has now gone viral.

The doctor has been identified as Kushpaldeep Singh, was seen in the video pulling the hair of a woman from the ward to the main entrance of the hospital. Surprisingly, the police who were present in the hospital were mere spectators to the incident. Though they tried to pacify the doctor, nothing much could be done by the policemen.

The netizens on social media have reacted very strongly to the outrageous incident and commented that it was shameful the event took place in the presence of two police officers! After the video went viral, the hospital got into a damage control mode and suspended the doctor. A case was also registered against him.

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