Producer Held For Circulating Bathroom Clip Of Actress

Representational image - Sakshi Post

A Bhojpuri film producer was arrested by the Mumbai police on Tuesday for leaking vulgar videos of an actress he is working with. The incident took place in the month of January but came to light after the arrest of the accused, who was absconding from the past two months.

Upendra Kumar, who is a well-known short film producer, roped in the actress for a short film. He asked her to meet him at his office in Versova for a shoot. As part of the shooting, the actress was told to come out of the bathroom in a towel. While shooting the scene, the towel accidentally slipped and it was recorded by the producer. However, he promised to delete the clip during editing.

But he later shared them on YouTube. Minutes after sharing it on the site, thousands of people watched the video, which was eventually picked up by some pornographic sites.

On learning about the issue from one of her friends, the actress rushed to the producer's home and requested him to delete the video. But the producer refused to remove the video. He also stopped answering her calls and ignored her request.

The actress then lodged a complaint with the police against the producer in January after which he went absconding. The video clip was deleted by the Mumbai police after the actress' complaint.

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