Prodigal Poornima Sai Finally Returns Home

Poornima Sai - Sakshi Post

Finally, all is well that ends well! Poornima Sai, the Class X girl, who ran away from home and refused to meet her parents till yesterday, has finally agreed to go back to her parents.

She was counselled by psychologists and child rights activists. Poornima Sai, who said she would not meet her parents, changed her mind and went home.

Poornima, a class 10 student and resident of Nizampet, left her home on June 7 on the pretext of going to school, and boarded a train to Mumbai aspiring to become an actress in Bollywood movies. Before running away, Poornima deleted the history of her social media activity on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. After landing in Mumbai, she claimed herself to be an orphan and sought refuge in a shelter being run by an NGO.

The girl was not interested in coming back to home and that was why she erased all her history and gave wrong information to the Mumbai police. When her parents reached Mumbai to bring her back, Poornima Sai refused to go with them saying Shirdi Sai appeared to her in a dream and told her not to stay with her parents as ill luck would befall on them.

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