Prince Mahesh Babu Shows Why He Is A Super Star!

The hero has decided to return part of the remuneration to share the burden of loss - Sakshi Post

Mahesh Babu showed why he is a real super star. Prince Mahesh Babu, darling of countless fans, is also darling of the producers. When his film flops, Mahesh Babu owns up the responsibility and compensates the producer, who incurred losses.

He had done this when his much-hyped Brahmotsavam flopped. He compensated the producers by returning a portion of the remuneration he took for the project. Now, with Spyder receiving negative talk, Mahesh Babu had decided to give back some amount to compensate the loss-making producer.

Spyder, a bilingual, was made at a whopping cost and Mahesh is rumoured to have collected a cool Rs 23 crore towards his remuneration. Though he has nothing to do with the success or otherwise of the film, he owned up the moral responsibility and gave a word to the producer that he would compensate for the losses. Normally, the heroes promise to do another film for the loss-making production so that they can recover some losses. But, this usually does not happen. But, unlike others, Mahesh is sharing the producer’s burden by paying back some amount from his remuneration.

Now we know why he is called a super star! May his tribe increase!!!

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