Prices of movie tickets hiked in AP?

Prices of movie tickets hiked in AP? - Sakshi Post

In AP, movie is a religion. So much so that we eat, dream and sleep movies. Irrespective of how weak the plot of a movie is or who the artistes are, it's total paisa vasool for the producers.

There's no fear of ROI for them as masses flock to theatres to get some entertainment. For, Tollywood movies are known for comedy and action. A right masala of action, comedy, romance and drama are the perfect ingredients that have created a mass appeal for Telugu movies.  Also, given the quality of theatres in AP and the affordable pricing of tickets, watching movie is an easy option to kill boredom for the masses. However, a new GO is reportedly going to change all that!
There's bad news for movie buffs as the government has decided to revise prices of movie tickets. It is a sure dampener for all fans who are looking forward to ending the year watching some blockbuster movies that are lined up for release.
Reports suggest that the state government has already passed an order to that effect on Friday.
The movie tickets cost at least 10 Rs more now. Besides, theatres also have the option of premium pricing the tickets during the weekends and festival days as has been the practice till now!
A media report quotes Vijayendra Reddy, president of the Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce as saying "While overhead costs have gone up by five to six times, ticket rates stagnated for years. It’s time admission rates were revised since exhibitors are suffering."
Producers of the big-ticket movies that are set to be released by the end of this year or around Sankranti (the biggest festival in Andhra Pradesh), are a thrilled lot.
Some of the most anticipated movies in the next few months include—Seethamma Vakitlo, Nayak, Mirchi, Sir Osthara et. al.
Small budget filmmakers however, are a disappointed lot as the hike could mean that movie entertainment might be out of reach for certain sections of the society!
Closer home, Bengaluru is one of the South Indian cities where ticket sales are at its peak. Both theatre owners as well as producers make the most of it considering the tickets are exorbitantly priced. The prices are nearly doubled during the weekends and festive occasions.
Now, with the state too getting a nod for doing so, will it a be a field day for producers and theatre owners in AP too? What is a movie watching experience without a soft drink and popcorn? Well, multi-screen theatres are already charging a bomb for a soft drink. For example, a medium-sized soft drink costs anywhere between Rs 40 - Rs 60. Now with the rise in the prices of movie tickets, if this too will be increased is anybody's guess!

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