Pregnant woman suffers as 108 ambulance door gets jammed

Pregnant woman suffers as 108 ambulance door gets jammed - Sakshi Post

In an incident illustrative of the growing neglect of the flagship health initiative of the State Government, the back door of the 108 ambulance got jammed.

For over a half-hour, a pregnant woman suffering delivery pains, remained stuck in the ambulance waiting for medical help right in front of the government general hospital in Sangareddy.

The woman, Mamatha of Aluru, experienced severe labour pains early on Wednesday. They called for 108 ambulance, which promptly arrived and took the woman to the hospital. But, even as she was suffering severe pain, the door got jammed and all attempts to open it failed. Finally, the staff had to break the door open with the help of iron rods.

The 108 ambulances have been life savers for many in the Telugu states and of late their condition in both the states has deteriorated. Due to this there have been regular complaints about their functioning.  


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