Pranushka Or Rana-Rakul? Who Makes The Best Couple?  

Prabhas,Anushka, Rana and Rakul - Sakshi Post

Baahubali actors Prabhas and Rana have become a Pan-India sensation with their top-notch performance in Baahubali franchise.

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It hardly needs to be reiterated that their fans have been waiting for their wedding bells, with bated breath. The way things are shaping, rumours are that Rana and Rakul are an item, while the grapevine has been buzzing with talk of Prabhas-Anushka being in a relationship. Sweety and Rakul have clarified that the rumors are unfounded and that they are just good friends.

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Anushka has also shrugged off all rumours of her reported relationship with Prabhas. So, is everything we hear about the two pairs of stars, simply a lot of hot air?

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