Prakasa Rao challenges VH to win an election

Prakasa Rao challenges VH to win an election - Sakshi Post

It's strange that V. Hanumantha Rao has come forward to  protect the  Congress party, said the former chairman of the RTC, Gone Prakasa Rao.

He  challenged  VH to contest and win an election from any  constituency. Equally bizarre was Chiranjeevi's talk on corruption. The actor turned politician should first clarify as to why he continues to pay income tax in Tamil Nadu. Chiranjeevi who sold his soul to the Congress had no moral right to talk about corruption, he added. Prakasa Rao also said that the TDP President, Chandrababu Naidu was behind the PTI story on the merger of YSRCP into Congress, which was strongly refuted yesterday by the YSRCP leadership.


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