Evidence Shows Chandrababu As Conspirator Behind Attack On Me: YS Jagan

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Leader of opposition in Andhra Pradesh Assembly and YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy addressed a massive public meeting in Parvathirpuram constituency in Vizianagaram district here today, the first after the murder attempt on him on October 25 in Visakhapatnam airport.

Recalling late Chief Minister Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy's efforts behind the Jhanjhavathi Medium Irrigation Project, YS Jagan lashed out at AP CM Chandrababu Naidu for ignoring the interests of the farmers in the State. While the sugarcane farmers are in distress, the government-owned sugar factory has a Rs 12 crore debt looming, he said.

YS Jagan said that in the Parvathipuram municipality, the locals complained of lack of drinking water facilities. "Once in three days, the drinking water is being supplied," he said.

After promising to deliver the drinking water projects through gravity, Chandrababu did not finish the projects initiated by previous governments. In the constituency, the local MLA and MLC are involved in rampant corruption. The TDP mafia, the Janmabhoomi committees, which are spread across villages, are making money in beautification works, Anganwadi posts, providing jobs in sub-stations, pensions, toilets, ration and a host of other welfare schemes, benefits meant for the people and programmes.

Stating that the Agrigold victims are in dire straits and that the TDP government deceived them, he observed that all the assets belonging to Agrigold are being sidelined by Chandrababu Naidu and Nara Lokesh. Starting a new drama over the Agrigold case, the government now says that Haailand does not belong to Agrigold--a big let downn for victims who were expecting justice over the last four years.

Questioning the CID officers and the government, the Courts pointed out the conspiracy to cash in on the Agrigold assets. "Why was Haailand MD Aluri Venkateshwarlu was not arrested?," the Court asked.

Several parts of the State are in drought, with an average of 35% low rainfall, especially in areas surrounding Guntur and the Southern coastal andhra. While 507 mandals and 50 % of Rayalaseema in the State suffer the drought, Chandrababu is fudging the numbers on the number of drought-affected mandals in the district. The reality is that 26 mandals in Vizianagaram are in drought, he said.

Chandrababu Naidu, who promised to provide the farmers input subsidy of Rs 2,000 crore, did not even give a single rupee for their rescue. While the farm loans were not rescheduled, the old loans are not waived.

Lambasting Chandrababu Naidu for claiming that he brought irrigation waters from Pattiseema project, he asked, "Where are the waters from Pattiseema?"

Addressing the public about the Polavaram project, he said that in the last four years, only the foundation walls were built. But, the TDP leaders are claiming to have completed. Recently, Chandrababu took his grandson to the project, he added.

"The project is a centre of corruption. Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu's relative is indulging in taking up the contract works in Polavaram project," he said.

Could Chandrababu build the Amaravati capital city in the last four years?

YS Jagan pointed that the women's self-help groups were cheated and were not given loan waivers. During Rajanna Rajyam, farmers availed interest-free loans from the banks, but, in Chandrababu's rule, the farmers' loans are completely ignored, he said.

Criticizing Chandrababu for not providing Minimum Support Price (MSP) for crops, YS Jagan said that the TDP government had completely failed to deliver on its 2014 election promises.

In the four years of Chandrababu's rule, not even a single crop was given MSP, he said. The reason lies in the fact that Chandrababu is the leader of the brokers in the market. Chandrababu's Heritage company purchases crops for a lower price from farmers and sells its products for 3-4 times the price, the YSRCP leader said.

The AP CM promised to build a house for every poor man in the state-- 1.72 crore lakh—"how many houses has he built till date?" he asked.

In Chandrababu's rule, the electricity charges, fuel prices, RTC bus charges, house tax , school fees, every single item of expenditure has skyrocketed, he observed.

Speaking about the fees reimbursement scheme introduced by Dr YSR, he said that the Chandrababu government completely diluted the scheme. "The government is paying just Rs 35,000 but the college fees totals to Rs 1 lakh. How can the poor afford such high fees?" he asked.

The YSRCP Chief told the mammoth gathering that Chandrababu had promised to give Rs 2,000 to every household without employment. It had been 48 months since he had come to power yet no household had got that amount. So the government owed Rs Rs 96,000 to every household in the state, he said and called upon all the unemployed youth to question the TDP chief on this pointedly.

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In 2014, Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu vowed to ban all liquor shops in the state, but, after four years years of his rule, he has ensured that every village had a liquor shop, YS Jagan said. The liquor shops have mushroomed right beside the temples and schools in the villages, destroying the lives of the youth, he added.

Taking a jibe at Chandrababu Naidu for neglecting the State's issues, YS Jagan criticized the AP chief minister's visit to various CMs. YS Jagan pointed out that the leaders of political parties whom Chandrababu had met were all opposed to the BJP in any case. Chandrababu is putting up a show as if he is bringing all of them together, when in reality, he is going round meeting everyone. The AP CM began a new drama "war on Modi", he added.

After calling Sonia Gandhi an "Avineethi Anaconda", Chandrababu is acting as if she suddenly turned into "Anandala Konda". After calling Rahul Gandhi a dumb boy, Chandrababu is acting as if he suddenly turned into a Medhavi (intellectual). As part of his war on Modi, the Dharma Porata Deeksha, Chandrababu is planning to invite national leaders to the meetings," he said.

Targetting the national leaders, he asked them why they did not respond when the 23 YSRCP MLAs defected to the TDP. Four MLAs in the Chandrababu cabinet are from YSRCP, like never before in the history of the country, he added.

"Chandrababu, was the October 25 murder attempt on me a pre-meditated conspiracy? On November 6, I set off on the padaytra and by the month of March it intensified. The same month, Chandrababu scripted the plan to eliminate me. Soon after the TDP opted out of NDA in March, Chandrababu brought into picture the scripted story of Operation Garuda through an actor with the yellow media support," he said.

YS Jagan further said that within an hour from the knife attack on him in the airport, the AP DGP and the Home minister read out the script saying the attacker was a YS Jagan fan. Within hours from the incident, a flexi with the attacker alongside me was released. It has a Garuda bird's symbol and not pictures of Dr YSR, Vijayamma and my sister Sharmila.

Explaining the drama over the 11-page letter written by the attacker, he said that the CISF officers did not find any letter in his pockets at the time of the incident. Later, a letter was said to be found but it doesnt have any folding marks, he said.

"Soon after I had entered Visakhapatnam district in August, the airport cameras were switched off. The TDP leaders accused my mother and sister of planning the attack," he added. What can be meaner and cheaper than this, he questioned. YS Jagan referred to the depths to which the TDP can sink in this manner.

YS Jagan recalled that both Congress and TDP leaders filed false cases against him. But now, Chandrababu withdrew consent to CBI besides not ordering inquiry in the attack on me and on the note for vote case.

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