I Was Moved By People’s Love On Seeing Me Back!

YSR Congress party (YSRCP) Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy - Sakshi Post

I entered the people's territory after resting for over a fortnight. People are aware of the reason behind my break from padayatra. God's blessings and the goodwill of people protected me from any serious injury when I was attacked at the Visakhapatnam airport on October 25. The government is making every effort to bury the truth relating to the attack on my life which is all too evident with its style of functioning, deteriorating values and endless conspiracies to prevent a fair probe into the matter.

On the advice of the doctors I waited till the injury healed to a certain extent to resume my padayatra. Today's padayatra was overwhelming to say the least. During the course of my padayatra in the last one year, I had been enquiring about people's problems and their well- being. I would hear them out and give them confidence that better days were ahead of us. I would also assure them that I would stand by them no matter what. However, today seemed so different. My sisters, brothers, the elderly and even children came up to me to ask about my well-being. I was overcome with emotion when one of them asked: "Babu, how are you? Has your injury healed? How;s your health now? We are there for you." My heart melted on this display of emotion on seeing me.

People from the Christan and Muslim community held special prayers for me. Besides, several Hindu women went offered special prayers at the Kashi Vishwanath temple on the occasion of Karthik Somavaram (auspicious Monday in the holy month of Kartika. They prayed for my health and came to me with Prasadam. A few others also tied Raksha Kavacham (a protective band) to shield me. I forgot all my pain after scores of people showered their unconditional love upon me. My resolve to work for them got strengthened further. Their love reassured me that no force can separate me from the people.

In the post-lunch session, BC leaders from Rajahmundry and Kapu leaders from Tambalapalli joined YSRCP. I met a woman farmer named Chittamma near Papayyavalasa. She had harvested cotton seeds. However, because of scanty rainfall she could hardly get a good yield. She lamented that she ran into losses because she was not able to get even minimum support price for her produce she managed to get. A few other farmers from the same village also poured out their woes to me. They expressed their anguish saying that their yield had completely withered because the accumulated silt had not been cleared from the canal which flows from Vengalaraisagar and repairs had not been undertaken. It pained me to know that nature's fury coupled with misrule and negligence of the government had become a curse for these farmers.

Girjian girls from Modavalasa met me. It hurt me to know that these children were working as daily wage labourers to earn Rs 100 a day at an age where they were supposed to study. Besides, their parents were disheartened over the fact that they were not being able to afford education to their children because of their poor economic status. A government who thinks of Dalit welfare only at the time of elections couldn't care less for these people at other times.

I have question for the chief minister—Isn't giving ministerial posts to dalits and minorities just three months before elections just an eyewash?

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