​Even Innocent Tribals Are Not Spared By Greedy TDP Leaders 

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy - Sakshi Post

Chappabuchammapeta, Vizianagaram district: This day marked the Jayanthi of one of the greatest sages of our society, Maharshi Valmiki. I paid my homage to this fountainhead of knowledge and set out on my Padayatra.

I went past the 3200 KM milestone on my Padayatra at Baaguvalasa. To mark this point, I symbolically planted a sapling there. Though they live amidst lush green, beautiful, natural surroundings, the difficulties which tribals face are numerous. There are no roads in the hilly areas where they live. Tribal women from Marepadu told me that they felt completely exhausted to travel all the way down from the hills to buy their day to day essential commodities. They expressed their anguish at not getting paid for the work they do and complained that the benefits of government welfare schemes did not reach them. Anganwadi creche workers who met me today told me that for three years they had been working in tribal villages and how did the government reward them—by removing them from service!

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They had to wage a long battle and a prolonged protest to get paid for the 20 months for which the government had not paid them their salaries, they complained. Link workers of Anganwadis have the same story to tell and the situation is no different in the case of coordinators of Saakhshara Bharat, whose mission is to promote literacy. While they worked till June, they were given notices removing them from service with effect from March! Moreover, they were not paid for 10 months.

Across several segments of employees, the story is the same, be it field assistants, health workers, model farmers and others. Not one individual to my utter shock said that he or she had got a job in these four and a half years! “We went around from pillar to post several times for our pension, in vain," said women from Nakkadavalasa village with tears in their eyes. This government neglects widows and denies them pensions. What can one say about its indescribable apathy!

Tribal youth from Sanyasirajupeta, Ramaswamyvalasa, Barnikavalasa, and other villages met me today. They told me that tribal farmers of Tamara Konda subsisted mainly on cultivation and produce of forest products. During my father’s tenure, he ensured that they were given ownership rights through pattas. The water from Pavuraigedda fed 35 lakes in the area. It provides water for irrigation for about 12 tribal villages.  My father wanted to turn Pavuraigedda into a mini reservoir. Now, the TDP men cast their greedy eye on the granite mining in the hills. They are plotting to take control of the hills and mine the precious stone in this hilly region. Overnight, they got permissions for their looting activity.  In a week, a road was laid to facilitate their illegal activity. For years, tribals here had been pleading for a road!

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They then lured the local Sarpanch who won with YSRCP support, over to their side to get a resolution passed by the local panchayat and the ground was fully prepared. The tribals in these villages came together to stand in unison but could not resist the atrocities of the TDP men and became helpless in the end. The poor tribals were implicated in false cases. It hurt me deeply to see how the greedy TDP leaders did not spare the innocent, unsuspecting tribals who are languishing in poverty and neglect and who subjected the gullible villagers to such cruel treatment.

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